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With Cross Country greenhouses, you get a greenhouse that lasts. People choose us for our strength and selection.

  • Over 4000 product models including hobby, institutional, and luxury.
  • Any size and any style is possible
  • Our greenhouses are rated for 80 mph (150km) winds and 30 pounds per square foot for snow
  • 8x12 greenhouse will take a weekend to build
  • All greenhouses come with a Lifetime Warranty!
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Cross Country vs. Competitor’s Greenhouse

Frame Our greenhouses are 50% heavier Lighter aluminum or plastic
Strength Higher wind and snow load upgrades available Not available
Style 3 roof slopes and frame upgrades in any color Fixed roof slope, no modifications
Ventilation Double wide auto vents plus more venting in door Single size, usually manual vents
Instructions Written instructions, technical support plus DVD Written instructions, no support
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