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Greenhouse Type

The first decision is to select a freestanding or home attached model. Freestanding allows you to select the appropriate site to maximize sunlight exposure and aesthetic appeal. Home attached models offer convenient access to services, good use of yard space and added insulation. For more information, download our article "Considerations when building a home-attached greenhouseā€¯.

Elegant and stylish, the curved Pacific Greenhouse is available in twinwall polycarbonate or glass. Genuine bent glass is incorporated in our curved eave designs ensuring a long lasting, authentic look when compared to plastic.

The Traditional model, our most popular design since the 1950's, provides exceptional value while maximizing the most available floor space and minimizing heating costs due to the lower pitch of the roof.

The Cottage model is an elegant Victorian look with a steeper slope which allows for extra ridge height inside the greenhouse. This look matches many common roof styles and architectural designs of modern homes and buildings.

The Cape Cod offers the steepest roof slope and a New England architectural look and feel. Masterfully engineered, the Cape Cod is designed to accommodate hanging baskets and young trees.

Glass is a traditional glazing used to beautify your yard that gives you the ability to control light transmission with external shading options.

Polycarbonate offers built in shading, is maintenance free and virtually unbreakable.

Single glazing is one of the most economical glazing systems and makes for a nice show piece in your yard. All our single glass is tempered safety glass to minimize any possibility of breakage. The traditional look appeals to greenhouse gardens with full light transmission capable of controlling their growing variable. Single pane glass is adequate for keeping a `cool greenhouse` in mild climates.

R value = 0.9. Approximately 95% light transmission.

Our 6mm twinwall polycarbonate is the most economical glazing materials. It is a practical for a `growing greenhouse` as it offers 50% more insulation than single pane glass and diffuses harsh sunlight in the summer. It is essentially unbreakable, offers privacy, making it very safe in a family environment. The insulation will prevent the temperature in the greenhouse from changing drastically and results in the best possible growing environment.

R value = 1.59. Approximately 82% light transmission.

Double glaze insulated glass offers the gardener a spectacular view of plants and flowers while maintaining a superb heat insulation for all types of growing. All our double glazed glass is tempered safety glass to minimize any possibility of breakage or injury. Insulated double glass is the best of both worlds, providing you with the aesthetically pleasing look of glass and the insulation you may require for your specialty plants. Typical clear double glass

R Value = 2.04. Approximately 90% light transmission.

We are pleased to introduce the most energy efficient covering available on standard greenhouses today. Our new 16mm fivewall polycarbonate offers unbeatable insulation which is 50% more insulating than double pane glass, or 80% more efficient than 6mm or 8mm twinwall polycarbonate. Fivewall is ideal for colder climates, gardeners who grow specialty plants, or for those who prefer the most energy efficient greenhouse to reduce heating costs.

R value = 3.03. Approximately 62% light transmission.

Sizing & Color

Our designs are modular and built in two foot increments. We can customize any size and fit any greenhouse to an existing foundation.


Sizing options are different based on the type of style and glazing you want. Please go back and make a selection in order to view sizing options or enter your own size above.

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