65 Years in the Greenhouse Business

Posted on December 2, 2015 | Categories: Uncategorized

As a custom greenhouse manufacturer, there are some things that have changed in 65 years but many things that haven’t. Certainly the scope of the business and going online in 1995 shook things up. Shipping internationally and growing our distribution has changed but the ethos of the company stays the same. The manufacturing process continues to be very “hand’s on”.  Our production team has a hand in every greenhouse that is made and almost all greenhouses are customized in some way and manufactured in our facility. All of our parts, pieces and components like capping, screws and fasteners are sourced in North America except for our polycarbonate. The poly comes from Italy because it’s the best and weathers so much better than other products we’ve seen. Our approach to customer service is still very old school. We like to talk to people on the phone and try to over deliver with every purchase. The speed of daily life changes things and the one thing that we hear time and again is how much joy our customers experience getting back to nature and slowing life down.

greenhouse manufacturer

A Cross Country Greenhouse from the 1950’s

best greenhouse

Cross Country Greenhouse from the 1980’s

greenhouse sale

Cross Country Greenhouse 2015