Best Energy Efficient Greenhouse Glazing

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Have you heard of Fivewall Polycarbonate?  BC Greenhouses has been working with this glazing product for a few years.  It was so impressive in terms of it’s energy efficiency that we built a new aluminum framing system to accommodate the wider profile.   For example, a typical single glass greenhouse glazing is 3mm in thickness whereas the Fivewall polycarbonate is an impressive 16mm.

16mm Five-wall polycarbonate offers light transmission of 62% and an R value (thermal resistance) of 3.03, meaning twice the insulating values of regular double glass. Strength in structure makes this material an ideal choice for areas subject to high winds. It is also an attractive looking glazing option. As with any polycarbonate, Five Wall polycarbonate cleans easily with a mixture of dish-soap and warm water applied with a soft cloth.

“We have been very pleased with the overall performance of the Five Wall polycarbonate on our greenhouses which are sold all across North America,” says Kyle Exner of BC Greenhouses, “It’s definitely worth spending a bit more to achieve the combination of strength, beauty and energy-efficiency.”

Who would benefit from fivewall?  Here is an example:

Tom lives in a colder climate that sees a significant amount of snow but he wanted to grow citrus trees, orchids and fox- gloves. A Cape Cod fivewall polycarbonate was the perfect fit and with very little additional heat, Tom could maintain the night temperature of 55 Fahrenheit (13 Celsius). The fivewall polycarbonate glazing allowed for the best combination of light transmission and heat retention. The steep pitch of the roof causes the snow to simply slide off!

Single Glass, Double Glass, Twinwall Polycarbonate, Fivewall Polycarbonate

Single Glass, Double Glass, Twinwall Polycarbonate, Fivewall Polycarbonate