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Helping Grow and Enhance Lives

Beyond Building Greenhouses.

Who are we?

We aim to invest in those in need,
including, but not limited to those in crisis,
those in poverty, and those with illness.

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Frequently asked questions.

Do I receive a tax receipt when donating to Beyond BCG?

Yes, you receive a tax receipt when you donate to Beyond BCG.

Does 100% of my money go to the charity?

Yes, all of the money that you donate will be given directly to other charities of Beyond BCG's choosing. All administrative fees of Beyond BCG are covered by BC Greenhouse Builders to allow for all donation to be given directly to those in need.

How are partner charities decided?

We ask that the charities come and present an overview of what work they are completing to the Board of Directors in our quarterly meetings. From there, the Board of Directors decides whether the presented organization is one they are wanting to give to, and the amount they would like to give.

How do we get in touch with Beyond BCG?

Fill out our Funding Request Form here, or contact

How is BC Greenhouse Builders affiliated with Beyond BC Greenhouse Charitable Foundation?

Beyond BC Greenhouse Charitable Foundation was created by the BC Greenhouse Builders family. The goal is for BC Greenhouse Builders to align the same values of community, purpose, and hard work with Beyond BCG.

Do I have to have a registered charity number to receive donations from Beyond BCG?

Yes, by law we must only donate to any organization who has a registered charity number.

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