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Are you killing plants with kindness?

Hand watering is fun for gardeners. If you are around to get the job done. But a wilted plant is...

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Agritecture’s Interview with our very own Danny Kovach

APR 16 – Source Danny Kovach: Greenhouse Builder By Day, Food Systems Visionary By Night...

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Replacing your Bayliss cylinder in your roof vent
Posted on March 7, 2018 | Categories: Build greenhouse, greenhouse, Greenhouse Tips, greenhouses

  Do you have a greenhouse roof vent that is no longer opening or not opening enough?   Over the years...

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Our new Greenhouse Brand Ambassador Donna Balzer!

BC Greenhouse Builders is thrilled to announce we have a new Brand Ambassador Donna Balzer!  Donna Balzer is a...

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Last Chance for 2014 Greenhouse Prices!

  Take advantage of 2014 pricing today! Are you ready for a controlled growing environment? Are you intereste...

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What is a greenhouse door drop?

A door drop is a custom modification that lowers the greenhouse door into the foundation (or allows the door...

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Garden Greenhouse at DeFries Garden
Posted on May 17, 2016 | Categories: best greenhouse, Build greenhouse, greenhouse, greenhouses

Our Cape Cod greenhouse in all seasons. Sigh. Just beautiful!  

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Building greenhouses
Posted on March 22, 2016 | Categories: Build greenhouse

Building greenhouses doesn’t have to be hard! Many of our customers wonder how difficult it is to build one...

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