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Get Growing now in your home greenhouse

Five ways to raise your own flowers and food Seed: Nature hates a gap. That’s why weeds fill in every...

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Let The Games Begin: competition grows beyond the Olympics

Some gardeners wait for the sun to gently warm soil before they start their garden. Others are impatient. They...

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Our new Greenhouse Brand Ambassador Donna Balzer!

BC Greenhouse Builders is thrilled to announce we have a new Brand Ambassador Donna Balzer!  Donna Balzer is a...

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Buy greenhouse kits

Why buy greenhouse kits? From our 68 years of experience and conversations with thousands of customers over the...

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Tomatoes in the greenhouse!
Posted on June 8, 2016 | Categories: Greenhouse Catalog, greenhouses, hobby greenhouse kits

Are you dreaming about growing tomatoes in a greenhouse? There’s nothing better than growing your own! We...

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Greenhouse Picture from Customer

This greenhouse picture came in this morning from our customer.  Our Cape Cod 12×16 single glass hobby...

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We have a new greenhouse catalog
Posted on January 23, 2013 | Categories: Greenhouse Catalog, Greenhouse Plans, hobby greenhouse kits

We recently published our newest greenhouse catalog.  It features many new greenhouse pictures, more information...

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New Greenhouse Catalog Fresh off the Presses!
Posted on January 11, 2013 | Categories: Greenhouse Catalog, Greenhouse Plans

            We have just published our newest hobby greenhouse catalog that is more...

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The biggest greenhouse sale of the year coming to an end soon!

          Gardening Friends! It’s hard to believe the holidays have come and gone...

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Greenhouse Strength – Upgrading your greenhouse for Higher Winds

BC Greenhouse Builders is leading the pack on ways to build and maintain a greenhouse in almost any climate. Our...

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