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Benefits of Glass vs. Polycarbonate for Greenhouse Glazing

This is one of the most common questions we are asked and we have put together this quick but technical...

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Climate Control for your Greenhouse

When offering heating and cooling suggestions for optimum climate control for your greenhouse, we ask our customer...

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Best Energy Efficient Greenhouse Glazing

        Have you heard of Fivewall Polycarbonate?  BC Greenhouses has been working with this...

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Are You and Your Plants Crushed by Heat?

I had to take a break in the shade. It was over 30 C, the sun was beating down and...

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Sealing a greenhouse
Posted on September 8, 2016 | Categories: greenhouse climate control, Heating your greenhouse, Strong Greenhouses

Greenhouse Gardening Tip: Sealing a Greenhouse BC Greenhouse Builders has taken great strides to ensure the best...

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Why breakfast matters in the greenhouse by Julie Lane Gay

BC Greenhouse Builders is pleased to introduce new greenhouse articles written by Julie Lane Gay.  Julie is a...

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Greenhouse Tips for the Fall Season

  There are many plant varieties and they all require different night temperatures to sustain their growth. G...

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Greenhouse Strength – Upgrading your greenhouse for Higher Winds

BC Greenhouse Builders is leading the pack on ways to build and maintain a greenhouse in almost any climate. Our...

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Greenhouse Weather Seal: Properly Sealing your Cross Country Greenhouse

BC Greenhouse Builders have taken great strides to ensure the best weather sealed greenhouse on the market today. ...

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