Coming Soon – The Essential Guide to Greenhouse Foundations

Posted on January 23, 2013 | Categories: Greenhouse Foundation, Greenhouse Plans, hobby greenhouse kits

Are you making plans for a greenhouse?  Is planning for a greenhouse foundation ruining your inspired plans for beautiful blooms in the winter?  If you are anything like me (and by me I mean wanting satisfaction sooner rather than later) you want to get this show on the road and wow your friends with your bountiful amount of tomatoes!

Well, search no more.  We are in the final stages of publishing our first-ever, beautiful greenhouse guide e-book.  The Essential Guide to Greenhouse Foundations will be your go-to manual for everything foundations.  At over 20 pages, this little nugget is packed with all of the answers to your questions about wood foundation vs. concrete foundation, what to do with that sloped yard, and the top seven questions every gardener should ask themselves before they break ground.

Your go-to manual for everything foundations.

The Essential Guide to Greenhouse Foundations

Get ready for it – it’s coming soon!