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Climate Control Problems on V8 LE

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    Wondering if anyone else with the electrically controlled climate control have experienced what can best be described as thermostat problems. I purchased my 2011 V8 Pathfinder in the Spring and therefore never had a need to operate the heat. I have run the A/C quite a bit and it seemed the A/C was always very cold. I could have the A/C on and have the temp dialed up to 80+ degrees and it didn’t make much of a difference in the air temp coming out of the vents. The other day was in the 50s overnight and in the morning I tried turning the heat on. From what I could tell the heat was inoperable. It didn’t seem to matter if the defroster was turned on, the panel vents, or the floor vents. It was all the same. The air being blown was the same temp as the outside ambient temperature which on that day was rather cool. I even cranked it up to 90 degrees on the dial and the air temp didn’t change. And yes, vehicle had been running for 20 minutes or more and the radiator temp indicated it was at normal operating temperature. So it seems it doesn’t not matter what temp I turn the climate control to, I only get one and it is cold.
    The vehicle is under warranty and I will get it fixed. Just curious if anyone else experienced this issue and what was the fix so I can direct the service technician where to look first. Thanks in advance.

    Please help.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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