12 Many green- house gardeners prefer a full layer of gravel on the entire floor of the greenhouse because it’s less expensive, looks clean and and leaves more room in the budget for odds and sods. ✻ greenhouse tip Gravel Floor As you can guess, when you create a perfect growing environment, you will have unwanted guests. Stop them before they start by placing a weed screen or landscape fabric over the entire perimeter and floor of the green- house to prevent weeds from becoming those guests who just never leave. Next step is to fill the area with gravel. We recommend 3/4” crush gravel for the ease of use, you can find it anywhere and it has the best drainage. Another good idea is to place paving stones down the center of the greenhouse. It provides an even walking surface and prevents excessive dirt from tracking in and out of the greenhouse. One thing to think about is whether or not you want to step into your greenhouse. If you plan on using a wheelbarrow, decide how high your paving stones will be and match up to the timber threshold.