22 Brick and Rock Façades Five: Let’s face it, a rock or brick façade is a gorgeous decorative feature for a greenhouse. This acc- ompanying photo has a beautiful 36” rock façade which blends so nicely with the landscape. The most important detail to consider with façade is that the wall is built to the dimensions of the green- house and the façade is then attached to it. You will want to make sure that you purchase a flashing to ensure that water is not going to penetrate in between the footing and the façade. Alternatively, some customers like to add a decorative stone cap that is attached to the top of the concrete wall and sits past the edge of the façade as pictured here. Should you wish to create a full brick foundation, we would recommend hiring an experienced bricklayer to ensure that the foundation is level and square and meets the minimum thickness to bear the structural loads. Our sales team can work on this detail with you.