27 Comfort Standing for many hours while caring for your plants can be hard on your body if you choose an unforgiving flooring type like concrete. Adding rubber mats where you stand most often may help your back and are very easy to rinse clean. Traction Your greenhouse floor will often be wet or covered in spilled soil. This can lead to slips and falls if you’re not careful. If you opt for a gravel floor which is the most common, we recommend to lay down a weed screen, and then fill with 3/4” crushed gravel for the best trac- tion and drainage. You can then place concrete pavers in the aisle for walkways and work areas. For green- houses over 14 feet wide, two aisles are common with a center bench. Weeds Remember that your greenhouse does a wonderful job at creating an environment that plants love — and that includes weeds! Before you lay down a floor base of Landscape fabric.