One of our most frequently asked questions is this: Do all greenhouses require a foundation? Yes, they do. It’s important to think about greenhouses as typical buildings and plan for them as you would a home including plumbing, power and water. There are times when that is more than a gardener has bargained for and stops them in their tracks. There is no doubt that planning for a greenhouse takes time and consideration but the reward of a controlled growing environment is worth the sweat equity. Over the years, we’ve been asked hundreds of greenhouse related questions and one of the greatest challenges for homeowners seems to be setting a plan for a foundation. This is the inspiration for this handy little guide. In most cases, if you are looking at a Cross Country Greenhouse, you either like the custom nature of the greenhouse, our unique style or want something more substantial and see the value in that. Your research has probably taken you to greenhouse Introduction 1 Running a passive greenhouse that incorporates solar gain, thermal heat syncs and rain barrels is a goal for many gardeners who want to stay off the grid. ✻ greenhouse tip