2 companies that offer a built in foundation or claim not to need one. At this point, it’s important to say that we think there is great value in doing it right the first time. There have been many times when we nod and shake our heads when we hear customers complain about their big box greenhouse falling over. The truth is, we’re a little old school and we like it. We have been developing our system for over 64 years and although we are not every greenhouse enthusiast’s first stop, we are the last stop for our Cross Country Greenhouse owners and proud of it. This foundation guide will cover: * Types of Greenhouse Foundations * Things to consider BEFORE you build * Building aWood Foundation * Building a Concrete Foundation * Details on Brick and Rock Façades * Ideas on Plumbing, Electrical and Heating * Some Handy Greenhouse Flooring Options * A List of Questions to AskYourself Prior to Purchasing a Greenhouse * SomeThoughts on the Costs of a Greenhouse Foundation