Greenhouses for Schools

Posted on April 24, 2015 | Categories: greenhouse

One of the most common things we are asked lately:  Do we build greenhouses for schools?  Yes!  In fact, we have been manufacturing greenhouses for all level of academic greenhouses for decades.  From the small elementary school that purchased an 8×8 greenhouse and bikes around the community to pick up compost to the 35×78 rooftop university greenhouse lab for a mid-sized agriculture program, we’ve done it all.

Teaching greenhouses are becoming one of the fastest growing trends in our industry.  Because our greenhouses are rated for high winds and snow, can be customized to suit any setting and offer a lifetime warranty, we are usually a great fit for administrators that want to incorporate a legacy into their community.

One of our favorite stories is The Edible Schoolyard project that we completed in Brooklyn, New York.  We worked with NYC architect firm WorkAC and the end result is nothing short of extraordinary.  To see these young children engage in growing, healthy eating and how it incorporates into the curriculum.  Very inspiring!!

Reverse Slope greenhouse

PS 216 in Brooklyn amazing polycarbonate greenhouse by BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd.

Another great project was for Gladstone Secondary School who applied for an Aviva community grant and won $50,000 to build a community greenhouse.  The greenhouse was initiated by the school gardening club and the culinary arts, science and math departments all use applied teaching in the greenhouse.  The integration into the community is also inspiring.  During the summer months, a local woman’s group will tend to the greenhouse and eat what they grow.


Gladtstone Secondary School greenhouse by BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd.

Gladstone Secondary School greenhouse by BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd.