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Greenhouses for Long Term Care Facilities

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Long term care facilities, nursing homes, or correctional institutes have long used greenhouses for their therapeutic benefits. Over the years, BC Greenhouse Builders have manufactured many greenhouses for these applications.   As most know, gardening in the ground can be physically challenging for many and nearly impossible for some of our older friends and family members. A greenhouse provides a controlled environment where residents can garden at bench level as opposed to bent over to the ground. Our potting benches are at an ideal height for both standing and wheelchair users.

Some considerations for long term care facility greenhouses:

  • Easy access to utilities is key to the success for this application. Misting systems or watering hoses are recommended to avoid carrying heavy containers of water.
  • Wheelchair accessible doors should be considered with easy access door handles and panic bars.
  • A good amount of ventilation is necessary to ensure the greenhouse environment is comfortable for residents.
  • Air circulation is key to pollination and preventing condensation build up in the greenhouse.
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