Growing Your Own Food in a Greenhouse

More than ever, we are contacted daily by people wanting to grow their own food whether it is concern about food quality, scarcity, or freshness.   Did you know, our beginnner level 8×8 greenhouse we call The Sungarden can yield hundreds of pounds of fruit and vegetables per year?  You can:

  • grow in hanging baskets – every roof bar will withstand a 50 pound hanging basket!
  • start seeds on bench level – the interior of the greenhouse frame is ideal to hang -supplemental lighting if required
  • force bulbs or grow potatoes in barrels beneath the benches
  • train vines for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers up the sidewalls and watch them grow through the -roof vents!
  • try your hand at aquaponic or hydroponic gardening to improve your yield
  • grow small citrus trees in our greenhouses with higher ridge height like the Cape Cod model

Call us today at 1-888-391-4433 for more information.  We love idea sharing!

greenhouse tomatoes