Heavy Snow Greenhouses

Posted on January 21, 2016 | Categories: Strong Greenhouses

snow - Gonzales greenhouse in snow

One of the things that BC Greenhouse Builders is known for is the strength of our greenhouses. You may have seen the photo of the four grown men sitting on our 8×8 greenhouse?

Our standard level snow load rating is 32 pounds per square foot.  How much is that, you might wonder.   To be perfectly honest, it depends on the type of snow.  There is powder light snow and water logged slushy snow.  A general guideline is an average snowfall (not really light or slushy) that is collecting on a roof for 24 inches would be about 32 pounds per square foot.

greenhouses for heavy snow

How high can our greenhouses be rated for snow load?  We have manufactured greenhouses for 100 pounds per square foot.  That is a ton of snow!

high snow load greenhousesA helpful hint:  If you are expecting a snowstorm, keep a minimal amount of heat in the greenhouse and the snow will not collect on the roof.  Alternatively, you can take a broom and brush the snow from the roof if you are concerned with the accumulation.

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greenhouses good for snow