Hobby Greenhouse Support – What is a Door Drop?

Posted on January 24, 2013 | Categories: Greenhouse Plans, Greenhouse Tips, hobby greenhouse kits

If you have dealt with BC Greenhouses in the past, you might have been asked about your door drop.   And you even may have wondered what we were talking about.  Here is a quick explanation to the door drop and why it is important for your hobby greenhouse plans.

What is a door drop?
A door drop is a custom modification that lowers the greenhouse door into the foundation (or allows the door to be flush with the ground). Prior to manufacturing the greenhouse, BC Greenhouse Builders will ask for the dimensions of the “drop” which is the total height of the foundation (which could be a concrete footing, one row of 4×4’s, or a custom rock wall for example). We will place an order for a custom piece of glass or polycarbonate to install above the door for a perfect fit!











This is a free customization that we offer for Cross Country greenhouse customers (excluding the Sungarden or Legacy) for any of our greenhouse models.  Given that anything is possible here, we can rebuild the gable end in the Sungarden and Legacy standard models for a small custom change fee.  These two greenhouses are typically built in volume which means big savings for you!

Any questions, reply here and we’ll get the conversation started!