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NEW! For the First Time Ever – 10% off Greenhouse Sale in Summer!

Posted on June 11, 2019 | Categories: Uncategorized

Over the years, we have typically offered our best deal of the year in winter to help keep us busy over the colder months but as you can guess, things are changing.   We have been in business since 1951 and we have grown a little since then.  No longer are we building greenhouses out of the garage.  For a company that employs 30 people and ships arguably the highest quality greenhouses all over the world, we are pretty proud of that.

But more about you!  You might be one of those people that are interested in a greenhouse but are not sure where to start.  The first step is looking at your available space.  Would a freestanding or building-attached greenhouse serve you better?  The next step is thinking about what you would like to grow and how many seasons.  It’s important to know that your first plan will expand and change and greenhouses are the perfect science experiment that will allow you that flexibility.  The best advice is to plan for the heat and plan for the cold.  You can always add a heater or shade cloth, but ensuring you have the necessary ventilation out of the gate is always a good idea.

From our perspective, we love talking to people about their plans.  It’s what we do best.  We have a team of greenhouse specialists that can talk about glazing, environmental controls, ventilation, decoration, design, sloped yards, best foundation tips and more.  It’s one of the benefits of choosing a dedicated greenhouse manufacturer.  We aren’t a box store that sells everything under the sun.  Greenhouses are our only focus.  We would love to help you with your plans and from now until July 26th, you can save 10% in summer!

Greenhouse Sale on Now – Best Deal in Summer Ever!