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BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd. e-Newsletter Fall 2011

FIVEWALL COMMERCIAL GREENHOUSE SALE! Better Insulation - Better savings

BCG is pleased to announce two new feature commercial greenhouses that offer amazing value and energy efficiency. Our Traditional 12x20 and 20x40 commercial greenhouses are built with fivewall polycarbonate which provides unbeatable insulation and is ideal for colder climates, specialty plants or those who wish to reduce overall heating costs.

You won’t find a more energy efficient glazing and save hundreds of dollars anywhere else!
Traditional 12x20 Fivewall Greenhouse - SAVE UP TO $1200!
Dimensions: 12’ 8.5” x 20’10.5” x 8’6.75”   |   Sale Price: $11,200
Traditional 20x40 Fivewall Greenhouse – Save over $1000!
 Dimensions: 20’10.5” x 41’3.5” x 10’3.75”   |   Sale Price: $27,995

Fivewall Polycarbonate CutawayMore information on Fivewall Polycarbonate

This strong, clear 16 mm glazing is lightweight; UV protected and provides 62% light transmission which creates a great growing environment. The thermal insulating factor is Relative (R Value) Heat Gain 3.03.

BC Greenhouse Builders is one of the few greenhouse manufacturers to offer fivewall polycarbonate as a choice for greenhouse glazing. There is a ten (10) year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material. We will guarantee that all polycarbonate pieces are manufactured to the correct dimensions and are free from material defects.

The polycarbonate is guaranteed for 10 years against damage due to hail. The light transmission of the polycarbonate is guaranteed not to vary more than 6% from its new transmission over the course of 10 years, due to degradation from the sunlight.

Alternate tints are available which include Fivewall Bronze, a brown tinted polycarbonate and Fivewall Opal which is perfect for buildings that may contain pets, fish or specialty plants.



Banff Community Greenhouse – An inspiring story!

The community of Banff has had a problem for years. With their short summers, hungry elk and limited number of back yards, most Banffites were unable to enjoy the benefits of vegetable gardening until now. The strength of their community and ability to pool resources in a short period of time is not only admirable, but inspiring. The Banff Greenhouse Gardening Society was formed to build a community greenhouse. After a year of planning, the BCG Traditional 20x40 Fivewall greenhouse was installed with the help of the Town of Banff Mayor Karen Sorensen and MLA Janis Tarchuck.

Many other key funders and volunteers of the project were on site, including the following title funders; The Banff Community Foundation, Bow Valley Credit Union, Leader Service & Renovations Ltd and the Alpine Medial Clinic as well as many volunteers who lifted, installed, and shovelled dirt into the 2x8 plots available for $40. For more information on the community greenhouse, go to their new Facebook page. Congratulations to Banff Greenhouse Gardening Society! We wish you many, many years of growing success.



Greenhouse Gardening Tip: Sealing Your Greenhouse

BCG has taken great strides to ensure the best weather sealed greenhouse on the market today.  We have designed a system without the use of glazing clips as they create air (draft) gaps.  Our greenhouse system utilizes a continuous exterior capping to fasten the glazing in the frame against an adhesive gasket for a weather tight fit.  Additionally, we incorporated a weather stripping into our doors, windows and vents to ensure a draft free greenhouse.

To protect your plants from the elements and maintain desired temperatures, we provide a silicone sealant to seal all the panels that fit into the aluminum tracks on the top, the bottom, inside and the outside of your greenhouse.  By doing this, you can keep out most of the moisture from the end of the panels.   If this sealing process is not done, water will sit in the bottom of the frame, fill the inside of the panels and grow algae.

What to do: Only seal where indicated in your instructions as BCG has a built in active weep system that expels moisture outside of the greenhouse.  Look for spots where the glazing is sitting in a track or aluminum “h” frames.  Seal this edge, including the ends of the bars. Lastly, seal all junctions where the panels fit into the door frame bar and the “h” under the above door angle. 



Testimonials and Pictures

"We purchased this Legacy from you in June of 2009 for our home in Juneau, Alaska but we moved the following April.  The Rotary club partially dismantled it and moved it to its new home the Jensen-Olson Arboretum, on the water in Juneau.  As you can see it is enjoying its new home."

-- Sukey Pfirman and Tim Strand

"Here are the photos that I want to share with you. After 9 years the only changes we have made is a sink with hot and cold running water, phone ( a must have), potting area, heat, screening to protect the plants from the sun, stained glass in the concrete, ( I would put a heated floor in next time) and, a barrel for fish set in the ground for even water temperature. There are african frogs in the long barrel and guppies in the other barrel. We still haven't landscaped the outside of the greenhouse yet but that will be next as well as a drip watering system."

-- P. Hubatch




We really do build greenhouses in any colour! Here is our periwinkle blue greenhouse in the installation phase!

And finally, here is one of our commercial greenhouses from the 1980’s The Stanley Park Teahouse. Cool picture by Bennett Ho!


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