Our BIG WINTER SALE  is now extended to Jan 31st. Winter over your plants and SAVE 10% on Cross Country Greenhouses

Our BIG WINTER SALE was so well received we’re carrying the savings forward into 2012! Now you have more time to create the greenhouse of your dreams!

Our biggest sale of the year is now extended to January 31st 2012. We’re offering a 10% DISCOUNT ON ANY CROSS COUNTRY HOBBY GREENHOUSE over $2500. If you have received a brochure from us in the past or received a quote, call us and we will be happy to provide you with a new price that reflects the BIG WINTER SALE savings!

For those interested in our popular Sungarden or Legacy models, we are happy to pass along a 5% SAVINGS to you. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our gallery of greenhouses.

To learn why BCG is the best value for your money, click here.

*These savings apply to the greenhouse and crating costs only and do not apply to accessories, shipping, greenhouse customizations or tax portions (if applicable) of an order.  The discount does not apply to Garden Rooms, superior or tubular frame greenhouses or greenhouses over 20x50. All orders MUST be shipped by February 29, 2012.


Spectacular Sungarden Sale Over $600 in Savings
  Spectacular Sungarden Sale Over $600 in SavingsWe have an overstock of green and brown Sungarden greenhouses and are offering them for the same price as white. But just wait! With the winter sale extended, you will receive an extra 5% off on these models. Over $600 in savings.

Sale Price: $2082!

Call or visit us online to take advantage of this rare offer!


Come and visit us at the BC Home and Garden Show from February 22-26th! BC Greenhouse Builders is happy to return to the newly renovated BC Place and is preparing some amazing specials for our local customers.   Check out booth 1675 – we’d love to see you!

Greenhouse Gardening Tip


Electric Heaters Thermostat Calibration Technique

The electric heaters supplied by BC Greenhouse Builders come with built in thermostats. These built in thermostats are not precision instruments but rather offer a ‘cool to hot’ temperature range.  In order to set these thermostats to your desired temperature you will need a maximum-minimum thermometer and a few colder nights. 

To calibrate, at night you set the built in thermostat to a setting in the range you believe will be close to the temperature you want, knowing the range is cool (30f to 50f) to hot (70f to 80f).  In the morning you inspect the maximum-minimum thermometer to see what the coolest temperature the inside of the greenhouse was overnight.  From this reading you can fine tune your heater thermostat setting up or down to get closer to what your desired temperature is. You repeat this step over the course of a few cold nights until the built in thermostat is maintaining the desired overnight temperature in the greenhouse.

Some things to consider with this process is that after you have your thermostat set to your desired night time temperature, moving the heater or adding or changing air circulating fans will alter the temperature reading at the maximum-minimum thermometer location so you may need to recalibrate your thermostat.

Finally, if a specific precise temperature is desired we would suggest adding an external greenhouse thermostat which would be hardwired into the power cord of the heater or the power supply for the heater.  These are precision instruments and which can be set to an exact temperature right off the start.  You should keep in mind that you may still want to use your maximum-minimum thermostat at different locations or heights in the greenhouse as there will always be different temperature zones in the greenhouse depending on factors like heater location and air circulation.


A New Estate Installation


"I have included some photos of our new 20x24 Fivewall BC Greenhouse Installation as well as a few shots of our estate. We have a total of 11 acres, of which there is 5 acres landscaped. The growing tables that we have pictured (included below) in the new greenhouse provide for 210 flats that contain 16, 4" pots (3300+ plants).

We currently have a 10' x 12' smaller greenhouse. We purchase plugs and transfer the plants to the 4" pots. We intend to produce approximately 5,000 plants (annuals), which will be transferred to the grounds during the first week of June. The planting will consist of 50% begonias (both fibrous and tuberous), plus 50% annuals not generally available at the local retailers."

-- B.R, Idaho


Greenhouse Gallery


Request A Catalog
  Request A CatalogWe recently updated our catalog to include more information on starting a greenhouse, foundations, and frequently asked questions.

To request a free catalog that we can email or send to you, call us at 1-888-391-4433 or visit www.bcgreenhouses.com.






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