BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd. e-Newsletter Fall 2008
The Fall Season has arrived. Read on for some great tips on how to maximize your greenhouse enjoyment over this coming season.
Equipping the greenhouse for the fall season.

IN THIS ISSUE Equipping the Greenhouse for the Fall Season Tips for the Fall Greenhouse Season Resources for the GReenhouse Gardener The Home-Attached Greenhouse You can feel the cool and crisp air in the morning as soon as the calendar says October. Night temperatures are dropping not only outside but also in the greenhouse. Now is the time for planning and preparedness.

Heaters are checked and the thermostats are set according to the plant needs. To determine how the heater is working and controlling the night temperature, a maximum-minimum thermometer is essential. Maximum-minimum thermometers are situated at plant level on the bench. If under the bench is being used for plants, it is advisable to also place a thermometer at that level.

In a cool greenhouse environment where plants are wintered over and are going into a dormant stage, you may want to consider making a heated propagation area. A soil propagation box with preset 21°C (71°F) soil cables will provide constant bottom heat, which is ideal for fall cuttings.

Although many heaters are fan forced, this is not enough air circulation within the greenhouse. For the best results, to equalize the greenhouse temperature, it is recommended to install a small circulating fan. Lack of air movement creates a stale environment and in turn encourages fungus growth and other diseases. In the wetter climates, condensation can be reduced if there is constant air movement. Larger greenhouses require two or three circulating fans.

Sudden periods of sunshine will during the fall can cause extreme temperature fluctuations and greenhouse ventilation is necessary to bring down the daytime highs. Automatic vent openers will eliminate the heat from being trapped and building up. At night the vents will close automatically.

The daylight hours are becoming shorter and supplementary lighting is a must for greenhouse gardeners who have an actively growing plant collection. With the constant warm greenhouse temperatures and not enough light hours plants will become spindly and flowering decreases.

Tips for the fall greenhouse season.

Greenhouse night temperatures

Fall greenhouse cleanup does require a few hours of your time, but it is well worth the effort to provide a pest and disease free plant environment.

Prevention is the best known method of controlling pests and disease in the greenhouse.

Resources for the greenhouse gardener:

American Orchid Society:

Cactus Society of North America

Beginner's guides for the novice greenhouse gardener

The Home-Attached Greenhouse

Home-attached greenhouses provide easy access and utilize the warmth of the heated house wall. This location also makes it convenient for connecting the necessary power and water to the greenhouse. As a result of the convenient access, many people will also utilize the lean-to greenhouse as a three-season sitting area.

Pacific Home-Attached Series:
This curved glass home-attached greenhouse is utilized as sitting area filled with greenhouse plants. Click here to view.

Traditional Home-Attached Series:
A straight eave twin wall polycarbonate home-attached greenhouse provides the perfect environment for orchids. Click here to view.

B.C. Greenhouses Cross Country selection of home-attached styles are designed in Traditional straight eave or the Pacific curved eave. Coverings are available in single or double glass, and twin or five wall polycarbonate. Many standard sizes are available and our custom designs are manufactured according to customer requirements.

Visit us online at www.bcgreenhouses.com today for more information on Home-Attached greenhouses.

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