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BC Greenhouse Builders Limited e-Newsletter Fall 2010
FALL SAVINGS! Your choice of green or brown Sungarden Greenhouse for $2,195.00 - That's the same price as white!

the sungardenThe Sungarden is the strongest do-it-yourself greenhouse available.

With exceptional design that boosts energy efficiency, the Sungarden hobby greenhouse kit is built with unbreakable polycarbonate glazing that withstands heavy snow loads and 85 mph winds. The stylish curved eave design is ideal for avid gardeners who desire the tall sidewalls and extra growing space.

Designed by gardeners - this greenhouse is built for generations. Contact us today to find out why thousands of gardeners agree!

Offer is valid for orders placed September 27, 2010 - January 31, 2011
(standard lead times apply).

Upgrading Your Greenhouse for Higher Winds

Upgrade your greenhouse for higher windsBC Greenhouse Builders is leading the pack on ways to build and maintain a greenhouse in almost any climate. Our standard greenhouses are rated for 85 mile per hour winds. We offer a unique service to upgrade the greenhouse to sustain higher winds up to 120 miles per hour if necessary. Coastal states hit hard by hurricane season and even some states and provinces see stronger winds throughout the year and many customers are requesting the upgrade.

The wind-load is increased by adding additional bracing, increasing the size of our horizontal braces and roof purlins when necessary. The typical solar automatic roof vent can be replaced with an upgraded wind resistant vent. BCG will also replace the standard roof vents with exhaust fan systems in certain situations.

The greenhouse wind-load upgrades can be engineered with the specifications of all 50 US States as well as all Canadian provinces and territories. When a permit is required, we partner with engineer firms who can supply sealed drawings with the acceptable guidelines. To determine the guidelines, customers must contact their local building department. BC Greenhouse Builders works within these guidelines to ensure safety and longevity of your greenhouse.

For more information on upgrading your greenhouse for higher winds, please call 1-888-391-4433.

Recommended Reading:  The Zero Mile Diet: A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food” by Carolyn HerriotRecommended Reading:
The Zero Mile Diet: A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food” by Carolyn Herriot

This definitive month-by-month guide brings gardeners into the delicious world of edible landscaping and helps take a load off the planet as we achieve greater food security. Full of illustrative colour photos and step-by-step instructions, The Zero-Mile Diet shares wisdom gleaned from 30 years of food growing and seed saving with comprehensive advice on:

Put organic home-grown fruits and vegetables on your table throughout the year, using the time-saving, economical and sustainable methods of gardening outlined in The Zero-Mile Diet. This book is about REAL food and how eating it will change our lives for the better.

Complimentary Company Profile: Stokes Seeds.

Stokes SeedsStokes Seeds, long standing provider of high quality seeds since 1881, has revamped their website and made it even more fun to dream about what you’re going to grow! In addition, there are some good articles about instilling a love of gardening with children and raised bed gardening.

Visit for more.

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