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Can you believe its not wood?
Our wood grain finish greenhouse is a new premium product for those who love the look of cedar and want the longevity and maintenance-free benefit of aluminum.

This beautiful 8x10 Traditional greenhouse is built with all of the finishing touches – single pane one piece tempered glass, beauty capping to conceal exterior fasteners, Victorian decorative gutters, sill flashing profile and our upgraded commercial door. The twinwall polycarbonate roof provides needed shade in summer and energy efficiency in winter. The best of both worlds! Price: $8,350.00.

Greenhouse Gardener Community

Have you ever wondered how other gardeners stage their greenhouse? Apply passive heating? Building a soil heating table? In addition to our Facebook page and our blog, there are also many gardening forums out there too! Here are a few of the most popular:

New Customer Referral Program!

Our best advertising has always been word of mouth. We would like to pay it forward and announce our new BCG Customer Referral program.

With every referral that results in a sale, BCG will make a $75 in-kind donation to either the Red Cross or the United Way. In addition, we will also ship a free Caframo circulating fan to the friend you kindly sent our way.

You can click here to download the referral form or simply have your friend provide us the information when they call.

Greenhouse Giveaway - The Story

In a surprisingly sunny and warm day in April, we installed the greenhouse that we gave away at the BC Home and Garden Show to celebrate our 60th anniversary.  After a long cold rainy winter, we prayed for some nice weather to capture some photos. Not only did we have a beautiful day, but our winning customers have a gorgeous backyard, a very cool mail box and are avid gardeners who plan to use the greenhouse to grow food.

During the planning stages of this promotion, we decided that it was best to give a dollar gift card amount rather than a standard 8×10 glass greenhouse as you can never be sure of what people want to use the greenhouse for.  For those of you familiar with greenhouse gardening, you know that the usage varies as much as the location of sun in your yard!  So, in the end it was a great decision as our customers had a great time picking out exactly what they wanted based on their growing conditions, their yard space, the foundation, and their aesthetic. 

As you can see from the pictures, our new friends are pleased and we are genuinely happy to have such a positive experience!  They chose an 8×10 Pacific polycarbonate in green as the polycarbonate is a great growing tool for fruits and vegetables due to diffusion of harsh sun in the summer – tomatoes just thrive in these greenhouses!

So here’s to many, many years of successful greenhouse growing to Susan and Miles!

Customer Gallery

My husband and I are both in our mid 60’s.  We were not sure we could put the Cross Country kit together, as our greenhouse is a 12x16.  However, we found after reading the enclosed manual and reviewing the CD, it was a breeze even for us.  It took several days, but we took our time and made sure everything fit properly in each step.  We made a few mistakes, but they were easy to correct.  We love our greenhouse and have enjoyed working in it during the cold, snowy days of winter.  Our plants are ready to go in the garden for an extra early garden, way ahead of all our gardener friends and neighbors.  Well worth the investment for the wonderful relaxing hours of pleasure it brings us. -- M. Rogan

We are trying an experiment.  We have installed drainage tile in the floor, and a fan to take heat from the upper part of the greenhouse and put it in the floor.  This should provide heat from the gravel in the floor and slow down the opening of the vent.   If we reduce the heat at the top the vent should open slower.  Like I said, this is an experiment. As you can see we have not had a lot of spring growth here yet. --H. Giles

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