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Cross Country Summer Feature Greenhouse | Summer Cooling Special

Summer In The Greenhouse.

Not only does the greenhouse gardener enjoy the hobby of year-round gardening, but also sees the considerable monetary benefit of not purchasing plants and hanging baskets at the garden centers.

Summer is the time of year that the greenhouse gardener sees and enjoys the beauty and success of gardening. Vegetable plants are developing their crops during the summer months. Hanging baskets and annual seedlings provide their amazing display of color in the garden.

Inside the greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes are ready to harvest. In fact one will encounter that these plants will quickly take over the greenhouse. A little control is needed. For tomatoes when the plant has five to seven trusses that have set, the growing tip is pinched out at two leaves above the top truss. With cucumbers the growing tip is pinched out when the plant reaches the roof. Watering requirements during the summer months can increase to twice a day. Even though you are harvesting tomato and cucumber crops it is important on a regular basis to continue feeding the plants for next months crops.

In August the garden is at its peak and this is the best time to take cuttings from all your favorite garden plants. A cutting is a new seasonal growth of four to six inches. A straight cut is made just below the node or leaf joint. Two parts perlite and one part peat is a good cutting mix. Cuttings are kept moist but not overwatered. In the greenhouse they prefer a shaded area and not direct sun. These will be the plants for next years garden.

Cooling The Summer Greenhouse
The main aim is to create an even and optimum environment for the plants. In the summer season this means attention is given to cooling and ventilation. The air inside the greenhouse will become dry. To increase humidity wet the benches and the floor. This is called “dampening down”. Not only is the humidity increased but it will also bring down the temperatures. Movement of air with circulating fans will also bring down the temperatures. The open roof vents and door will create a summer breeze throughout the greenhouse. Another option is side venting which will increase the air circulation inside the greenhouse. An exhaust fan and intake shutter will automatically cool down the greenhouse by drawing out the hot air and drawing in the outside air.

For glass greenhouses a shade cloth attached to the outside of the greenhouse will protect plants from burning and keep the greenhouse cooler.

Cross Country Summer Feature Greenhouse
Cross Country GreenhousesPacific Polycarbonate
Model # FPC812TW

Size: 8' 3 1/4" x 12' 5 3/4" x 7'7 3/8"
Price: White $3350. Green/Brown $3495.

See this model on

This greenhouse is one of the most popular models. During the spring season the greenhouse gardener is always looking for more growing space. When a greenhouse is 8” 3 1/4” wide the inside layout can accommodate 3’ benches on both sides. The 5’6” sidewalls provide additional growing space especially for hanging baskets.

Not only are the harmful rays of the sun diffused through the twin wall polycarbonate covering but it is energy efficient during the winter months. In the colder winter climates this greenhouse is structurally designed to carry a 30 lb snow load and able to withstand high winds.

Summer Cooling Special

Now through August 15, 2008 receive one FREE 24” x 24” automatic side vent with your glass or multi wall greenhouse order.

This offer does not apply to the "Sun Garden".

Check out the Summer Cooling Special on our website:

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