One of the nicest greenhouse testimonials we have ever received!

Posted on August 13, 2014 | Categories: greenhouse, greenhouse gardening, greenhouses, hobby greenhouse kits

Garden Long Weekend May 2014 003 More early summer pictures May 2014 003









Subject: A message from a fan !!! Emailing: More early summer pictures May 2014 003, Garden Long Weekend May 2014 003, Garden Long Weekend May 2014 004, Garden Long Weekend May 2014 009

Hello again, Kyle, Angela, Wayne and everyone at B.C.Greenhouses,

I had been looking forward to coming to see you yesterday for so many weeks now, and the experience was worth waiting for!!!

Thank you once again, Kyle, for taking the time to look after me yesterday. I did, again, appreciate so much your thoughtfulness in assisting me with my own reconstruction dilemma of a few weeks ago. As with everyone there, you showed such warmth and kindness, and, as always, I came away with such a good feeling of support and confidence about my maintenance of my beloved little greenhouse.

Although these pictures are not really presentable quite yet, especially for professionals like yourselves, I am sharing them as being a project “in progress”.

It took so long to get it all put in place over these past 2 months, that there are still some things not quite finished, but the delays in getting it erected to this point meant that we were behind schedule for actually utilizing it this spring., so it was pressed into service, in spite of all that .

However, there it is, “opus number 5”!!!!

I am hoping to get some more pictures when the colours are all there around it the garden in a month or so, and I will then send along something more complete for you to see.

It is with the greatest pleasure that I write to share with you at B.C. Greenhouses, what a huge fan I am of your product and your after-purchase support for your product, as well. The greenhouse construction is so thoroughly well designed and appreciated ( especially by myself who has assembled and disassembled it so many times.) It had been thought through so logically and the jigsaw parts really do create a strong and admirable structure, to be utilized so well on the inside, and yet really pleasureably to be an asset when seen from the outside in a garden setting….a double bonus indeed!!!  I have loved owning my own B.C. Greenhouse for over 30 years now, and have loved it so much, I have taken it apart and brought with me when I have moved to four other houses over the intervening years!! I have constructed it atop strong cedar beams so that it has extra height, to accomodate more storage under the benches, and to give lots of space for taller plants like tomatoes in the summer months and allow for winter storage for medium sized non winter hardy shrubs. The accessories such as the ceiling vents and the wall fan/vent and the door screens make for a very successful plant environment inside. Your portable fan is perfect and the special heater is just enough for this indoor space. With your help quite a few years ago, I added another 6’by 8′ extension so that my greenhouse dimensions are now 6′ by 16′ which is an amazingly adaptable size for even smaller city garden plots and can be fitted in to so many smaller spaces, as I have indeed done so myself in my two latest incarnations of my greenhouse placement.

Owning a greenhouse has brought me to a personal revelation about how very much being in touch with the soil and plants has made a wonderful difference for me. There is something vitally spiritual about having this calming “classroom” to visit and discover how satisfying it can be to nurture and encourage growth in plants. Just having a destination in your garden is like having another room in your home, and it adds so much to the ambience of that special part of one’s dwelling outside the home. There is also a unique kind of pride one feels when one has grown something ( and not cheated and bought it already half started.) and has personally been a part of creating a planting in one’s own garden. There is a terrific feeling, as if one has gotten away with something “for free”, when one collects one”s own seeds from the previous year and can start them again next season.

To end up, may I also say what a real encouragement and support system you all have supplied to me over all these past years. Your office manager, Christine, had a very special warmth that was infectious and welcoming on every one of my expeditions to gather information or supplies. She thoughtfully remembered me on each visit.. Your whole staff are remarkable in being such “people oriented” persons with a kindness that is exemplary. They are all great ambassadors for your company and they really do know about every part of their product which is a rare quality nowadays.

I am an absolute fan of B.C. Greenhouses!!!!!!!

Thank you all so very much,