Our Greenhouses at the BC Home and Garden Show

I am not sure how many years we have been exhibiting at the BC Home and Garden Show, but I’m pretty sure it’s over 25 years.  We are making the final plans, changes and push to the 2013 show which starts Wednesday February 20th.   There are many nice things that happen at the show and one of them is the return visits of past customers who act as walking testimonials for our hobby greenhouses.  “I have one of their custom greenhouses and it’s the best” or my all time favourite was a woman who walked into the booth and said “I’m 84 years old and I bought your greenhouse second hand 50 years ago and I still garden in it everyday.”  WOW!  If that is not a testament to a product that lasts, I don’t know what is.  I’m so grateful she dropped by to share that story.  Let’s face it – we hear so many pitches of products and sales that as a marketing person, it means so much to promote a product that lasts for generations and makes people happy!

The other great thing about the show is that it is a reminder that SPRING IS COMING!