Palma Heater


The perfect compact heater for your greenhouse! The BioGreen Palma Heater (1.5kW) is powerful, energy efficient and built to last. Suitable for greenhouses up to 120 sqft.

Often paired with the BioGreen Thermo2 Digital Thermostat for dialing in your greenhouses specific temperatures.

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The BioGreen Greenhouse Heater is made up of a durable stainless steel frame, the Palma Heater is splash proof, making it safe to use in damper settings like greenhouses, hot houses, garages, basements, storage rooms and workshops. Also, you can control the temperature settings with an easy to use dial when you are requiring more heat, and switch it to the fan setting to help circulate the air within your greenhouse.

Palma 1.5kW Heater Specifications

Maximum heat output : 1500W
Fan Power : 30 W
Power Connection : 110VAC +/- 10% , 50/60 Hz
Pin : 3pin – earthed
Maximum power input : 10 A
Achieved Temperatures : 32F (0C) to 185F (85C)
Air Circulation : 5756, 3cft (163m3/h)
Greenhouse size : Up to 120 sqft

Check out the video below for more information on the BioGreen Palma Greenhouse Heater

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