Sunhaven 8×8 Twinwall Greenhouse

personal greenhouse
  • Compared to small greenhouse kits for sale in popular big box stores, the Sunhaven 8×8 pre-built hobby greenhouse is designed to withstand 32 pounds per square foot for snow and 85 mile per hour winds.  Ask us about our snow and wind load upgrades.
  • Your choice of white, green or brown frame color
  • Our DIY build greenhouse plans include heavy aluminum frame spaced every 2 feet for maximum versatility and durability
  • Unbreakable 6mm twinwall polycarbonate glazing
  • 8×8 backyard greenhouse provides 75% more growing space than typical 6×8’s
  • Taller sidewalls, ideal for hanging baskets and tall plants
  • Extra width to accommodate larger benches
  • Slope: 5/12, Pitch 23 degrees
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