The biggest greenhouse sale of the year coming to an end soon!






Gardening Friends!

It’s hard to believe the holidays have come and gone and even harder to believe this sale we have been preparing for is almost over!  I think I have mentioned that many people ask us when the best time is to buy a Cross Country hobby greenhouse and the time really is now.  This is the second time in over 60 years that we have offered a straight discount – why you might ask?  Well, we’re old school and   we think it makes sense to put your best foot forward always and price the product the best you can.  Given that our greenhouses are   a premium product that has a lifetime guarantee, we try our best to provide value in the longevity of the product, the benefits of a Cross Country and of course, our customer service.   But as we all know economies are changing, and you have to change with it.  So here we are – 10% off Cross Country greenhouses until January 15th.   We understand that there are may things to consider prior to purchasing a greenhouse, and we are always happy to be a source of information and provide insight into foundations, heating and cooling options or learning the benefits of glass vs. polycarbonate.  If now is now the right time, keep us in mind and Happy New Year!!