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The Story of Two Used Traditional Greenhouses from Craigslist

Posted on March 24, 2021 | Categories: best greenhouse, Uncategorized


used greenhousesBig thanks to Larry Clarkson for telling us his story of his two used Traditional greenhouses.  Larry won the greenhouse lottery and found two used BC Greenhouse Traditional model greenhouses on Craigslist.  It’s worth saying that we do not sell used greenhouses.  After this story broke, our email blew up with requests from customers wanting to buy refurbished greenhouses. Someday maybe 🙂

We met Larry when he visited our showroom and explained his recent purchase.   The benefit of our product line is that we still carry all of the parts and pieces that is needed to get a greenhouse up and running again.  We receive many calls from family members who have received a greenhouse from their parent or grandparents and need to move it to their location.  Yes, you can move them!  Give us a call and we can give you some tips that will help ease the installation process on the other end.

We hope you enjoy the story!


BCG Customer Testimonial from BC Greenhouse Builders on Vimeo.


The Traditional hobby greenhouse is low slope and perfect for heat retention and your backyard.

Features and benefits of the Traditional Greenhouse Series

greenhouse installation


  • Slope: 5/12, Pitch 23 degrees
  • Available in any size and any color
  • Attach it to any existing wall or on a rooftop too
  • Our most popular greenhouse design since the 1950’s ideal for the backyard
  • Classic straight eave greenhouse kit provides maximum natural light year-round
  • Maximizes the most available floor space
  • Minimizes heating costs due to the reduced air volume and lower pitch of the roof
  • Double, tinted, and high performance glass is also available. Mix and match glazing too

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