Three Steps to Achieving Your Dream Greenhouse

Posted on November 22, 2019 | Categories: Uncategorized
Who:Angela Drake of Meridian Estate Greenhouses
Where: Surrey, British Columbia
In her own words: “Over the years, we have been encouraged by the ingenuity of our customers and how they envision our products. With a bespoke manufacturer, the sky is the limit in terms of function and design.”

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee as you watch snowflakes drift onto the clear ceiling above you. Swimming in the moonlight on a cool autumn evening, or pruning your plants without breaking a sweat on a hot summer afternoon. Sound appealing? All of these activities are possible when you’re surrounded by well-designed glass. “Whether you have something that inspires you or a photo of a greenhouse you’ve fallen in love with, start thinking about what’s achievable at your home,” says Angela Drake of Vancouver-based Meridian Estate Greenhouses. “Then make your dreams a reality.”

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