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Why Choose an Aluminum Greenhouse over Wood Frame?

Posted on April 13, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

Aluminum Greenhouse Stands the Test of Time

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One of the biggest concerns from our potential customers is the reality that an aluminum greenhouse frame conducts the cold and is not as weather resistant.  It is true that aluminum will conduct the cold but there are other factors that you should also consider.  Wood frame greenhouses expand and contract with the heat and the cold which means it will warp and create gaps in between your frame and glazing, doors, and vents which allows cold air and pests to penetrate the structure.  Any thermal benefit that you receive from a wood frame is negated within the first year or two.

The maintenance of a wood frame greenhouse is not just staining the frame every year.  You must caulk and seal all of the gaps that you will find season to season.  In addition, a wood frame greenhouse is vulnerable to wood rot, pests,  and fire.

Historically one of the benefits of wood frame greenhouses was that they were more economical to build but with the rising costs of lumber, we are seeing more potential greenhouse customers connect with us to investigate other options.

BC Greenhouses first products were made of wood in the 1950’s but we changed to aluminum greenhouse when we realized that offering a lifetime warranty on the frame wasn’t possible with wood due to lack of longevity, the regular need for maintenance and inevitable disappointment with the lack of weather resistance.  We have many examples of our aluminum greenhouses 20, 30 and 40 years later and they stand the test of time including changing weather, heavy snow and high winds.

Here are a few photos of greenhouses that are over 35 years old and what they look like today!

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An old wooden BCG greenhouse circa 1960’s. Photo taken March 2021.