The Teahouse at Stanley Park Conservatory

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Retired owner Henry Heinen dropped by the office earlier this week. It’s a great opportunity to hear some of the history and great stories.  He tells me that The Teahouse at Stanley Park  in Vancouver changed everything for BC Greenhouse Builders.  Since 1951, the company had been dedicated to building strong, backyard hobby greenhouses for private residences and then in 1978 the new owner of the Teahouse approached Henry to ask if he could build a conservatory for their new dining area.


“A former garrison and officer’s mess during World War II, Vancouver’s Teahouse in Stanley Park is steeped in our city’s history. Post-war, the house served as a military residence, later opening as the Ferguson Point Tea Room during the summer.

The restaurant was owned by Hungarian couple Steve and Eva Floris who escaped Soviet-occupied Hungary after surviving the Holocaust. They emigrated to Vancouver in 1949, and obtained a lease from the Vancouver Park Board to operate then-named Art Gallery Tea Room in Stanley Park. Steve and Eva sold the restaurant in 1964 and went into real estate.

The house fell into a state of disrepair in the 70’s, later renovated and reopened in 1978 as the Teahouse Restaurant.  ” Excerpt from Vancouver Scape https://vancouverscape.com/sunsets-and-history-dining-at-teahouse-in-stanley-park


The conservatory is a classic custom birdcage design.  A custom shade system and adjustable transom windows also helps to maintain comfortable temperatures.  The space is often used for special events and if you are lucky enough to live in British Columbia, it’s likely you have been to the Teahouse for a wedding or another one of life’s celebrations.

The Teahouse project led to other commercial greenhouse projects for local nurseries, university grounds and eventually led to the Meridian Estate Greenhouse line which includes luxury greenhouses and conservatories.

Henry mentions that the same owner is still there and they always give him the best seat by the windows overlooking at the Pacific ocean.  He chuckles and says that his only regret is that he didn’t negotiate a lifetime meal plan back when the Teahouse conservatory opened in 1980.


Teahouse in Stanley Park in 1978

To learn more or visit The Teahouse at Stanley Park, go to https://www.vancouverdine.com/teahouse/

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