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Quality glass and polycarbonate greenhouses

Every gardener has different plans for their greenhouse and it’s not always based on climate. Buying a greenhouse is not an impulse purchase and we believe in offering options so that you buy the greenhouse you want, not what’s on the shelf.

Cross Country Greenhouses

Cross Country Greenhouses incorporate heavy duty aluminum frames with interior trusses and bracing. The greenhouse accommodates minimum snow loads of 32 lbs per square foot and wind gusts of up to 85 miles per hour.

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Commercial Greenhouses

Not your typical hoop house or steel tube, these are permanent and maintenance free. Ideal for research and educational greenhouses, institutions, retail centers, and nurseries. Ask about our project supervisors who take a project seamlessly from start to finish.

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Meridian Estate Greenhouses

The modern day answer to a beautiful living and growing space that will long add value to your home. Meridian Estate Greenhouses are the ultimate in elegance while maintaining all the necessary options a greenhouse needs.

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Custom Greenhouse

We can accommodate virtually any change request to your custom greenhouse, solarium or conservatory. It’s one of the reasons people choose us over the competition.

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