Control your greenhouse temperature

BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd. offers greenhouse accessories to help you take total control of your greenhouse environment. Shop for greenhouse heaters, vents, vent openers, exhaust fans, decorative features, and other greenhouse accessories.

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Greenhouse Heaters

Choose from our selection of electric and gas fired heaters, available in different outputs to match the size and style of your greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Vents & Vent Openers

The proper type of ventilation is a must to keep your greenhouse from over-heating. Whether you’re growing in a hot house or a cold house, your greenhouse needs ventilation. We have a selection of passive ventilation options for your needs.

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Greenhouse Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fan packages allow the greenhouse to exchange air with the outdoor environment to reduce overheating and to aid in normalizing the greenhouse temperature.

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Greenhouse Decorative Options

Visual effects such as wagon wheels on the gables, decorative gutters, transoms, and decorative ridge cresting add distinct design to your custom greenhouse.

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Other Greenhouse Accessories

We have more accessory options available.

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