Greenhouse Decorative Options

We can work with you to design the custom greenhouse of your dreams.

Visual effects such as wagon wheels on the gables, decorative gutters, transoms, and decorative ridge cresting add distinct design to your custom greenhouse.

Decorative Greenhouse Ridge Cresting
Greenhouse Decorative Ridge Cresting

The heavy duty, cast aluminum cresting and finials adorn the ridge of your greenhouse which creates that beautiful English look. This custom made cresting is available in any color and is sold to fit the greenhouse at $55 per lineal foot. Finials, the architectural detailing at the end of the cresting, are $55 each.

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Greenhouse Transoms

Fixed or operable transoms are an option for upgraded greenhouses with single piece glass.

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Commercial Greenhouse Storefront Doors

A beautiful entry to your beautiful greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Decorative Pressure Cap

It is a wider profile aluminum beauty cover that gives the look of a more substantial structure (glazing bar) without the cost. Our standard hobby glazing bars have exposed screws and hardware where the decorative pressure cap (also called beauty cap) creates a high style, clean finish that is very popular with homeowners who would like a garden conservatory in their yard and prefer a more finished trim.

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Decorative Greenhouse Gutter
Greenhouse Decorative Gutters

Decorative gutter provides a distinctive, finished look that is pleasing to the eye. Our decorative gutter also has functional purpose for your greenhouse. Combined with a downspout, the gutter system will expel water where you want it to go. Our decorative gutter system has a beautiful Victorian profile and is available in any finish or color. You can choose a full wraparound gutter system or choose the best location for form or function.

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Greenhouse Decorative Base Panels

The newest design feature offered for Cross Country greenhouses, the decorative base panels are a great option for those homeowners wanting a fully finished appearance for their greenhouse. This high style panel eliminates the need and cost of a concrete foundation as all that is needed is just one row of 4×4’s! The panels are now available in any color or size of greenhouse for single tempered glass.

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