Here you will find a collection of high quality accessories and complimentary items that pair perfectly with our greenhouse models.


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  • AVO (Automatic Vent Opener)

    Automatic Vent Openers

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  • Caframo Fan

    Caframo Chinook Greenhouse Fan

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  • Caframo Chinook Replacement Blade

    Caframo Chinook Replacement Fan Blade

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  • Caulking


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  • Coil Hose 25'

    Coil Hose (25ft)

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  • Gardener's Gratitude Guide

    Gardener’s Gratitude Journal

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  • Glazing Foam Tape

    Glazing Foam Tape

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  • 8" Horizontal Air Flow Fan

    HAF (Horizontal Airflow Fan)

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  • heated soil cable

    Heated Soil Cables

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  • Sale! Hydro Wine Watering System

    Hydro Wine Watering System

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  • In Your Greenhouse- A Beginners Guide

    In Your Greenhouse- A Beginners Guide

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  • Sale! LifeSpace Self-Watering Planter for BC Greenhouse Builders

    LifeSpace Gardens Self-Watering Planters

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  • Maxi Mini Thermometer

    Maxi Mini Thermometer

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  • Nuts and Bolts

    Nuts and Bolts

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  • Palma Greenhouse Heater

    Palma Heater

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  • Phoenix Air Circulation Tube

    Phoenix Air Circulation Tube

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