Why Cross Country Greenhouses?

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How do you spot a great quality greenhouse online?

The truth is that it’s hard to see the differences between greenhouse manufacturers online.  What are some of the things you should look for?

Framing Material

What is the greenhouse frame made of?  Aluminum will provide the best longevity and the heavier gauge of aluminum, the better.  A heavier greenhouse will withstand wind and snow substantially better. A wood framed greenhouse will expand and contract over time, letting in pests and cold air.  A wood frame will also require staining and maintenance every year.


Do you have size options for doors? Is the door heavy duty?  Does it lock or offer extra ventilation?  Can you upgrade to a commercial door for a thermally improved option?

Weather Resistance

Are any steps taken to ensure the greenhouse does not have gaps to prevent hot or cold air from escaping? Is there weather stripping, sealants and silicone provided? Are there frame clips that can easily break? 


Is the glazing high quality?  Tempered glass is a basic requirement for safety.  Is the polycarbonate UV protected to avoid yellowing over time? Do you have the option to mix and match glazing for the best climate control?

Options to Modify

Can you change the greenhouse to suit your needs?  A well-loved greenhouse comes down to the details.  Changing the sidewall height or where the door can be a gamechanger depending on your yard.  Buying a greenhouse “off the shelf” typically means you must find creative ways to make it work for you.  Can you extend the greenhouse at a later date if you move?  This is a great option that ensures the greenhouse maintains its value to you or if you decide you want more growing space in the future.

Structural Strength

What are the wind and snow load minimums?  Can you modify the greenhouse to increase the loads? It’s important to think about the interior too.  Can you hang heavy baskets, shelves, or light fixtures from the roof bars? Staging the greenhouse the way you want it will help you enjoy it for many years to come.


Make sure the company stands behind their product.  At minimum you should expect a lifetime warranty on the frame of your greenhouse. Ask about weather related warranties like hail too.  Quality greenhouse companies will provide more peace of mind.


Everyone understands the value of great service.  Check online reviews.  Talk to past customers.  Companies should be transparent and provide this information to you.  

Why Choose Cross Country Greenhouses?


Heavy duty construction and built to last a lifetime (typically 30-50% heavier than competition)

Our standard Greenhouses carry a snow load of 32lbs per sq. ft. and winds up to 85 miles per hour and we can upgrade to 140 mph winds and over 100 psf for snow

Prefabricated, maintenance free, heavy-duty airplane grade aluminum

High sidewalls provide extra height for hanging baskets


Best selection of greenhouse models with over 4000 models to choose from

Structure can be disassembled and moved at a later date

All models can be modified to suit your design aesthetic and footprint

Choice of any size or any color

Modular design allows you to extend greenhouse at a later date

Committed to Service Excellence

Family owned and operated since 1951

Lifetime warranty

A+ Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau

Clear and concise step-by-step interactive instructions with accompanying videos

Unbeatable service and technical support staff available

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