The Sunhaven Greenhouse

The Ultimate Solution for Year-Round Fresh Produce

Are you tired of depending on the unpredictable weather to grow your own fresh produce?

Look no further than the Sunhaven Greenhouse, the strongest DIY 8×8 backyard greenhouse available in the market. Designed to provide the perfect climate for your plants, this greenhouse is a game-changer for backyard gardeners. With its sturdy construction, lifetime warranty, and affordable price of only $4,495, this hobby greenhouse offers unbeatable value.

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About the Sunhaven Greenhouse

The 8×8 Sunhaven Greenhouse surpasses typical store-bought kits with its resilience and plant-friendly design. Its twinwall polycarbonate panels and 80% light diffusion technology foster an ideal year-round environment, resisting extreme weather conditions.

Boasting exceptional durability, it withstands 32 pounds per square foot of snow and 85 mph winds. Optional snow and wind load upgrades offer added protection. 

Customization is key – choose from white, green, or brown frames to match your style. Beyond aesthetics, the Sunhaven Greenhouse excels with features like unbreakable 6mm twinwall polycarbonate glazing and an interior bolt track system for versatile hanging options.

With an 8×8 size, it provides 75% more growing space than standard 6×8 models. The 5’6″ sidewalls accommodate hanging baskets and tall plants, creating your personal green haven. Its 5/12 slope  ensure efficient rainwater runoff and optimal sunlight exposure.

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Kind Words from happy customers

Potential customers may be interested in the following: I am retired with a very bad back and a twice broken collarbone that restricts the height I can reach with my right arm. I put the greenhouse up by myself with the help of three ladders and a bunch of bungee cords. It took six days including the time to re-do the base but a day and half of that was waiting for you to open to get information. So four and a half days for one person. We are very happy with the greenhouse.

& Benefits
  • Slope: 5/12
  • Pitch 23 degrees
Options & Additions  to make it your own

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a site for your foundation, choose a flat, level surface where your greenhouse can be easily installed, stable and secure. Locate your greenhouse close to power and water, while also considering water drainage and easy access. Try to locate the greenhouse so that 6 hours of sunlight is available during winter months. For more information, please visit

The rules for the permit process depends on your municipality but generally speaking, a structure less than 120 square feet that is not considered permanent does not require a permit. We are able to provide engineered shop drawings to secure the required permits, if necessary. For more information, please visit

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