About BC Greenhouse Builders

BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd has been manufacturing the highest quality greenhouses since 1951.

BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd. is North America’s leading greenhouse manufacturer of economical and functional hobby and commercial greenhouse kits sold under the name Cross Country Greenhouses.  We also offer complete turn-key luxury estate greenhouses, conservatories and garden rooms called Meridian Estate Greenhouses.

Incorporating high engineering standards with impressive structural strength.

The greenhouse structure is modular and adaptable. We have one of the highest snow loads (32 psf) and wind loads (85 mph) in North America that can be upgraded even higher.

This family owned and operated business maintains the high quality standards that were 70 years ago. BC Greenhouse Builders offers the largest selection of glass and polycarbonate greenhouses to suit all gardening needs, climate and budget.

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Over 72 Years of Manufacturing the Strongest Greenhouses