Cross Country Greenhouses

Cross Country Greenhouses are the strongest on the market today.


Heavy duty  aluminum frames with interior trusses and bracing accommodates minimum snow loads of 32 lbs per square foot and wind gusts of up to 85 miles per hour. The Cross Country Greenhouse can be upgraded with additional bracing and trusses to accommodate the harshest weather conditions.

All Cross Country Greenhouse Types

bc greenhouse
Pacific Greenhouse Series

The elegant and stylish Pacific Series greenhouse with its trademark curved roof.

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Traditional Greenhouse
Traditional Greenhouse Series

The Traditional Greenhouse is low slope and perfect for heat retention.

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Cottage Series Greenhouse
Cottage Greenhouse Series

An elegant Victorian look with extra height in the greenhouse.

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Cape Cod Greenhouse
Cape Cod Greenhouse Series

Perfect for shedding snow as it simply slides off the roof!

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twinwall polycarbonate sheet
The Sungarden Greenhouse

Strongest 8×8 greenhouse available on the market today.

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Legacy Greenhouse
The Legacy Greenhouse

Our 8×8 Legacy Greenhouse is the best greenhouse available.

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Home-Attached Greenhouse
Home-Attached Greenhouses

Designed to look like an original part of your architecture.

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