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Manufacturing greenhouses for all levels of academia.

It is inspiring to witness children  participating in the process of growing and embracing healthy eating habits.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of having a greenhouse in a school setting:

  1. Hands-On Learning: Students can explore the wonders of biology and ecology.
  2. Science Education: It provides a practical setting for teaching science concepts such as photosynthesis and the water cycle.
  3. Environmental Awareness: Greenhouses promote sustainability and conservation.
  4. Nutrition Education: Schools can grow fresh food, allowing students to learn about healthy eating and nutrition.
  5. Culinary Programs: You can connect the garden to the kitchen and inspire delicious, farm-to-table meals.
  6. Horticultural Skills: Develop practical gardening skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.
  7. Teamwork and Responsibility: It fosters teamwork and teaches students the importance of responsibility.
  8. Year-Round Learning: Regardless of the weather, greenhouses allow year-round gardening and learning opportunities.
  9. Community Involvement: You can create a stronger bond between the school and its community.
  10. Research Opportunities: Greenhouses provide excellent opportunities for students to conduct research projects and explore their scientific curiosities.
  11. Career Exploration: Spark interest in exciting careers related to agriculture, horticulture, or environmental science.
  12. Therapeutic Benefits: The greenhouse offers a peaceful and relaxing space that can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  13. Environmental Stewardship: Instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment in students.
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Kind Words from happy customers

Potential customers may be interested in the following: I am retired with a very bad back and a twice broken collarbone that restricts the height I can reach with my right arm. I put the greenhouse up by myself with the help of three ladders and a bunch of bungee cords. It took six days including the time to re-do the base but a day and half of that was waiting for you to open to get information. So four and a half days for one person. We are very happy with the greenhouse.

& Benefits
  • Slope: 5/12
  • Pitch 23 degrees
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Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a site for your foundation, choose a flat, level surface where your greenhouse can be easily installed, stable and secure. Locate your greenhouse close to power and water, while also considering water drainage and easy access. Try to locate the greenhouse so that 6 hours of sunlight is available during winter months. For more information, please visit

The rules for the permit process depends on your municipality but generally speaking, a structure less than 120 square feet that is not considered permanent does not require a permit. We are able to provide engineered shop drawings to secure the required permits, if necessary. For more information, please visit

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