Greenhouse Site Preparation

Two important tips for greenhouse site preparation!

1) Every greenhouse requires a foundation that must be level and square and built to our outside dimensions. Please make sure you have the correct dimensions BEFORE building.

2) You can site your greenhouse on an area that is not level i.e. sloped yard, multiple levels, and yes, even into a hillside. Talk to our greenhouse experts about the best plan to ensure that even though the area is not level, your foundation is.


What’s the best foundation for my greenhouse?

The most common foundations for hobby greenhouses are wood frame or concrete. Wood frames are selected for their ease of preparation and allow for long term flexibility in case the greenhouse is ever to be moved or extended. Concrete can be chosen for a more permanent site and will last for generations.

Check out our easy to read, handy “The Essential Guide to Greenhouse Foundations” for more information on greenhouse site preparation!


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