Greenhouse Heaters

Electric & Gas Fired Greenhouse Heaters

Choose from a variety of electric and gas-powered greenhouse heaters. Selected by our team to provide you with the optimal heating source for your greenhouse based on your climate and greenhouse environment. Available in different outputs to match the size and style your greenhouse needs.

Modine Hot Dawg Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas Heater

The Modine Hot Dawg sets the standard for quiet gas-fired greenhouse heaters. It’s available in natural gas or propane options and is typically ceiling-mounted with gable end exhaust.

Bio Green Electric Greenhouse Heater “Phoenix”

The new heater and fan Phoenix is designed for plant cultivation and overwintering in the greenhouse. Crafted from stainless steel, it operates quietly while efficiently distributing heat.

Greenhouse Thermo 2 Thermostat

“Thermo 2 Digital” by Bio Green is your ideal controller for all climate control systems.
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