Greenhouse Heaters

Electric & Gas Fired Greenhouse Heaters

Choose from our selection of electric and gas fired heaters for greenhouses, available in different outputs to match the size and style of your greenhouse.

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Bio Green Electric Greenhouse Heater "Palma"

The Palma is the ideal solution for smaller greenhouses in which space is scare. Due to its compact shape, slip-resistant rubber feet and its practical carrying handle, it can be used almost anywhere.  110 Volt, 1500W output.

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Modine Hot Dawg Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Gas Heater

The standard in gas fired unit heaters, the Modine Hot Dawg has a “hush-puppy” quiet operation, beating the competition. Available in either natural gas or liquid propane, this heater is commonly mounted at ceiling height and exhausted out the gable end of your greenh

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Bio Green Electric Greenhouse Heater "Phoenix"

The new heater and fan Phoenix was specially developed for plant cultivation and overwintering in the greenhouse. Phoenix is made of stainless steel and runs quietly and powerfully, evenly distributing the heat.

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