Greenhouse Exhaust Fans

The perfect solution for reducing greenhouse heat

Create the ultimate growing environment for your plants with the addition of a greenhouse exhaust fan. Our greenhouse exhaust fan packages come with a motorized intake shutter and thermostat or can be purchased separately. Our expert team can help you select the right size and number of exhaust fans to fit your greenhouse design and location.

During peak high temperatures, a typical greenhouse environment can use up to 1 air change per minute. By exchanging air with the outdoor environment, our greenhouse exhaust fan packages allow for improved ventilation and climate control.

10” Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Package

Achieve 690 CFM (cubic feet per minute) with this fan package, perfect for an 8×12 greenhouse. Includes smart thermostat control for efficient cross ventilation.

14” Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Package

2,170 CFM Exhaust Fan Package, designed for greenhouses up to 16′ x 20′ in size. Optimal cross ventilation achieved with motorized Smart Thermostat to reach optimal temperature.

18” Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Package

Maximize airflow in your large greenhouse. Achieve 3200 CFM in greenhouses as large as 20′ x 20′. Automated ventilation with precision.

Caframo Greenhouse Fan

This quality, made in Canada, two-speed circulating fan is perfect for keeping your greenhouse environment healthy. Plug it into any 120V outlet and let it run.
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