14” Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Package

Greenhouse Exhaust Fan
14” Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Package

Optimal Ventilations for Greenhouses up to 16x20 in size

This 14” Greenhouse Exhaust Fan package by Canarm includes a powerful 14” exhaust fan shutter, two motorized intake shutters, and a thermostat to regulate the temperature inside your greenhouse.  With a maximum airflow of 2170 cubic feet per minute (CFM), this greenhouse exhaust fan package effectively cross ventilates your greenhouse and helps to manage temperature, humidity, and air quality for healthier plants.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the exhaust fan and intake shutters are painted to match your greenhouse, ensuring seamless integration into your setup. The included thermostat is rated for 16 amps at 120V, and it opens the motorized intake shutters and turns on the exhaust fan when the greenhouse reaches your set temperature.

14" Greenhouse exhaust fan includes:

  • 14″ Exhaust Fan Shutter – 3.6 Amps at 115V
  • Two (2) – 24″ x 24″ Motorized Intake Shutter – 5 Amps at 115V
  • Thermostat – Rated for 16 Amps at 120V

14" Greenhouse exhaust fan details:

  • Maximum airflow of 2170 cubic feet per minute (CFM) for effective ventilation
  • Designed for greenhouses up to 16×20 feet in size
  • Motorized intake shutter and thermostat work together to open the shutter and turn on the exhaust fan as needed
  • Painted to match your greenhouse for a seamless look
  • The exhaust fan shutter requires 3.6 Amps at 115V, and the two motorized intake shutters require 5 Amps at 115V
  • Helps create a cooler, more comfortable growing environment for your plants
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