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Greenhouse Design Flexibility

Cross Country Greenhouse Design Flexibility

Our standard greenhouse aluminum frame is ideal for hobby residential and commercial greenhouses that require a permanent structure. Customers often choose our greenhouse for it’s adaptable design and ability to seamlessly blend into the landscape. Additionally, the Cross Country Greenhouse frame can withstand 85 mph winds and 32 pounds per square foot for snow loads and is one of the strongest greenhouses on the market today. Mix and match glazing to suit your growing needs.

Cross Country Greenhouse Frame

Truss and Purlin System

Our greenhouses are built with an aluminum infrastructure which can include trusses, roof purlins, support braces which meet 85 mph winds and 30 psf snow loads. Additional bracing is available for any of our framing systems to meet higher wind and snow loads. We will work with you to ensure the proper building codes are met and engineer the structure for successful permit approval.

Greenhouse Truss System



There are many glazing options available including upgrading to a 6mm (1/4”) single sheet of beauty glass per bay with no overlaps, mixing different glazing for the optimum growing environment plus several types of high performance low E and tinted glasses.Greenhouse Glazing Systems


Meridian Estate Greenhouse Line

Our Meridian Estate Greenhouse line is the ultimate in elegant design while maintaining all the functionality of a full greenhouse environment. Three different sizes of aluminum glazing bars (3″, 5″ and 6″) guarantee the design of your dreams. In this collection, the frame is the strength as well as the beauty. Great care is taken to create a finished appearance providing a clean, high style effect. This collection affords the choice of any glazing option including high performance, tinted and double glass.

Decorative Gutter

Our victorian decorative gutter is both functional and stylish. The gutter is fabricated with downspouts, end caps and can be placed on single walls or fully wrapped around the greenhouse. In addition, the gutter can be stacked to provide a deeper, wider profile for larger greenhouses.

Greenhouse Decorative Gutters


Upgraded Storefront Door

Our upgraded door offers the best function combined with high style. The fully assembled professional door is insulated with tempered safety glass and durable deadbolt lock. Every door comes with your option of custom finish, pivots, door pulls, threshold, or panic bars.

Greenhouse Storefront Door

Meridian Estate Superior Frame

The Meridian Superior frame offers a more substantial appearance as well as structural strength without the look of exposed exterior hardware. This impressive frame is offered with insulated double glass panels or highly energy efficient fivewall polycarbonate. Thermally upgraded, the framing system allows for enjoyment in every season. The Meridian Superior frame is a popular choice with homeowners who wish to match the design of their home and create a beautiful living and growing space.

Meridian Superior Greenhouse Frame

Decorative Ridge Cresting

This is the icing on the cake – a heavy duty, cast aluminum cresting and finials gives your greenhouse a beautiful English look.

Greenhouse Decorative Cresting