Greenhouse Design Flexibility

Discover the flexibility of Cross Country Greenhouse designs!

Our standard aluminum frame is perfect for hobby and commercial greenhouses requiring a permanent structure. Our customers love the adaptable design that blends effortlessly into any landscape. Not only is our greenhouse frame one of the strongest on the market, withstanding 85 mph winds and 32 pounds per square foot of snow loads, but we can upgrade it even higher for your peace of mind. Plus, mix and match your glazing options to fit your unique growing needs. Experience the ultimate in greenhouse design flexibility with Cross Country.

Greenhouse Customization Options

Experience the Ultimate Protection with our Truss and Purlin System

We take pride in building our greenhouses with a sturdy aluminum frame that comes with trusses, roof purlins, and support braces designed to withstand the highest wind and snow loads. We offer additional bracing to ensure the ultimate protection of your greenhouse which is reviewed by industry experts. Rest assured, our team will work closely with you to meet and exceed all necessary building codes so that your greenhouse serves you well into the future.

A Variety of Glazing Options to Create the Perfect Temperature

From single tempered lapped 3mm glass to one sheet 6mm beauty glass to high-performance low E and laminated glass, we’ve got you covered. Our tempered insulated double glass, twinwall polycarbonate, and fivewall polycarbonate options will satisfy even the most specific climate control needs. Remember, mixing and matching glazing options can often lead to the best results.

Decorative Gutters and Downspouts for Form and Function

Our Victorian decorative gutter is both functional and stylish. The gutter is fabricated with downspouts and end caps and can be placed on single walls or fully wrapped around the greenhouse. In addition, the gutter can be double stacked to provide a deeper, wider profile for larger greenhouses.

Decorative Ridge Cresting is Like Icing on a Cake

The cast aluminum cresting is not only heavy duty but also runs the length of your greenhouse ridge, giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. Two finials serve as the perfect bookends to complete the overall beauty of this unique feature that also helps to repel birds from perching on the greenhouse.

Several Door Options for a Beautiful Entry

Several door sizes are available in both our storm doors and storefront doors. Choose a single or double opening and your option of width. Think about adding an extra door in the gable end for the ultimate passive airflow.

Our upgraded storefront door offers the best function combined with high style. The fully assembled door is insulated with tempered safety glass and a durable deadbolt lock. Every storefront door comes with your option of custom finish, pivots, door pulls, thresholds, or panic bars.

Over 72 Years of Manufacturing the Strongest Greenhouses